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(1 Be Late Late For A Very Importent Date |Chasing The White Rabbit)

shots of patrone get get get GET freaky [19 Oct 2006|02:12pm]
[ mood | creative ]

i told paul to get freaky cuz that pitbull song was on the radio. went and got my drug screening done so i can get a job up at st. james then i had to go to human resources and fill out a bunch of forms it was tons of fun then i got my tb test done i gotta go back on fri to check it out. saw bridget and jenna there. i dont think they wanted to be there either. i hate waiting around in hospitals. mikey came over later and chilled and then aunt beth and uncle bob got into new york they came down to see my grandma cuz shes sick. she went to gios and scared richard haha. thats funny. crused over to jeremys miller and wonders were the only ones there so we left found paul went and chilled at my house and got wolfie to come down from canaseraga and watched grandmas boy. "its FRANKENSTEIN!!!" then bob came down with tyler and i havent seen them in forever we went over to mikeys to make some songs and beats. ty me and amanda went to go get ciggs and took a timeout with the green. ty was tellin us her crazy driving stories over the summer it was creeper so we were all so ovious and when we got back shes like dont let em know and they couldnt even go upstairs yet and amanda bought me a bunch of debbie snacks so i walk up there and theyre playin some crazy song and mikey knows me real well so as soon as i walked in hes like whats wrong --- nothen haha and i couldnt help but laugh then i started eatin my zebra cake and blew my cover. hahahah it was pretty funny. bob and tyler left and me and mikey worked on that back the fuck up beat hes been workin real hard on that song its gonna be sweeet.
I I I think I I know WHY Why you and I I willneverseeeyetoeye

(Chasing The White Rabbit)

you already know [17 Oct 2006|06:15pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

jeremys house was just crazy saturday especially withthat kate girl shes phsycho and stevie wonders then scoutin came over and started some gay shit. some real gay shit sayin he wanted to fuck james and that he liked guys we thought he was kiddin at first but then he kept sayin stuff and getting all red and giggly at james and jeremy was startin to get pissed hes like i like pussy son say it again and yer gettin kicked out so he stopped for a few minutes and then he goes 'I Like Guys" then jeremys like wtf then he got james with this screwdriver so they went outside and fought i could tell james was really pissed and wanted to kill him but was takin it easy on him scoutin kept gettin back up. sunday rich called me and we went over to jeremys with mikey for alittle bit but i could tell he was bored lyle was comin to pick us up at 8 at sugarcreek so we left went over to their house and played some drinkin games and drank kaluha. domonik came over and we went to pick up brie and then this freddie kid came over we played beer pong and kings for awhile then lyle got this loaf of bread out of the freezer that was frozen and was swingin it around just messin around and it slipped and went flyin through the window towards giovannis haha it was funny though i got sick and ruined my date that kaluha got to me. woke up late and me and rich watched dazed and confused "see behind every great man theres a great women and that man was George Washington and every night hed come home from a long day and there martha would be with a big fat bowl waitin for him....she was a hip hip HIP lady" you got a joint...no......well
itd be alot COOLER if you did" haha

(Chasing The White Rabbit)

TOUCHDOWN baaby!! [14 Oct 2006|12:13am]
[ mood | excited ]

all day
been playin madden 05' at jeremys its the cool thing to do i guess and i dont even know what im doin but somehow i beat marshall eherytime son. played asshole and i was president 13 times in a row on friday the 13th must be my lucky day. and i look over at jeremy ya fuck, how are them applejacks haha. mfunk scored the touchdown tied the game ooh ya USER. then kernsby mfunk me and ashley were jammin to damien marley and then these weird songs came on "yaaahhhhhhhh"oohh all day on that flute craaazy
ahhhh mfunk just tackled me
like a lil bitch
im pissed!!
stevie kelly passed out at like 10 he always passes out kerns be on the phone "oh yeah wonders passed out. we call him stevie wonders but we should be callin
him S. Kelly instead of R. Kelly its S. Kelly
its that pirple city birdgang
going over there sunday at 1 to watch football with the bees eat pizza and drink beers which is not something i normally do since i hate watchin football but ill give a try it should be interesting since my babys commin over on sunday im sure hed like that for date ... drinkin some beers eatin pizza watchin football.

(Chasing The White Rabbit)

"applepie another day" [12 Oct 2006|06:06pm]
[ mood | amused ]

haha marshall was sayin that all day from that guy on the waterboy "applepie anuther day" or some shit. hungout over at niccoles with anthony and mfunk and we found this tape recorder we had from over the summer and marshalls on it pretended to be peewee the guy who lives by byrne dairy "hey baby girl you got a quarter" hahahah
uhhhh i wanna play some fooseball
"NO fooseball is for the DEVIL"
and we were also talkin about scarface and drinkin some beers tryin to get niccole to drink with us come oooon chug it chug it chug it DOOawwWGg ya fuck. hmm beer tastes better with a crunched up can haha true story you think im playin im for real dooawg it gives it a smooth crispy metal ting to it mmmm nothen like chunks of metal taste in your brewhah SAY HELLo TO MY LITTLE CRUNCHED UP CAN
anyways... mikey got his and AJ's song on the radio today
"lonely roads"
i need some place to go ( place to go)
its too damn cold to be walking down these lonely roads
walking down these lonely roads (lonely roads)
its too bad aj didnt get to hear it though
they did really good on that song
they should already be famous.

(Chasing The White Rabbit)

[11 Oct 2006|09:00pm]
[ mood | devious ]

so todays wednesday dad goes bowling. so nobody was home i was upstairs lookin for something and someones pounding on the door. i go to answer it and its this kid in a bk uniform with his apron on and everything and he says my friends around the corner and he has to speak a few words with you. i didnt recognize him at first but it was dustin olin just got out of work. so i walk around the block and there pojo sittin in his truck wanting to see if they could come hangout haha what a dork. so then we sit down and hangout watchin some weird movie and pauls cell keeps gettin pages so he calls the number from my phone the laundry mat?? it rueben who the hell is rueben? oh that kid that kept stalkin you over at jeremys. ohhh paul say kept asking for something from paul ...pauls like nah i dont have that sorry. then he gets off the phone why is he callin me from the laundry mat? maybe hes washing his clothes.haha i guess hes lookin for a dime so i told him no then dustin has like half of that goes to call him back to see if he wanted it still and his mother answers and says nope rueben just left alright? as soon as there is some sex scene in the movie so dustin holds up the receiver to the tv. then goes ok. bye. haha then they leave and i get a call from that number askin for paul. pauls not here he left. then another calland another nope pauls still not here ha i think this rueben really has a thing for paulie haha

(1 Be Late Late For A Very Importent Date |Chasing The White Rabbit)

sleven kelevra [09 Oct 2006|11:17pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

friday night was marshall b-day so we all celebrated.it was a crazy night i think we all laughed so hard that night everything was so funny davis passed out so we all shaving creamed him it was just a joke and we did it to him becuz he puked all over jeremys house and he woke up and got mad and punched scoutin. so we kicked him out. then scouten got the guitar out and matt holley got his harmonica out and were jammin together in jeremys living room led zeppelin i come in there and me and marshall and jeremy can not stop laughin it was like a really fun party but weird stuff was just going on it was like live at jeremys or something with people coming in and out and in every room something crazy was going down. like the 3 kids with evans eating corndogs laughing like hyenas. then someone was poundin at the door so m- funk went out the back and it was just james who we all call piggy. so i go to get marshall out back and his eyes are all buggin "its just ol' piggs' "the pigs??!!' no just piggy haha. then i hungout and niccoles most of the weekend cuz she finally got her apartment back and nick moved in with her so me nick and eric went to meet her at byrne dairy when she got out of work had some friends come over we watched LUCKY # SLEVEN with josh hartnett and morgan freemen it was a sweet movie. and just as im havin a good night mr. daley has to call me all drunk cuz thats when he gets his feelings out. and its so hard for me to even talk to him he asks what im doin..watchin lucky number sleven he says what? monkey number seven whats that?
a kansas city shuffle
never heard of it
well they look left you go right.
so he says he misses me broke up with his gf
i wonder if he really does of if he just has bad intention again because he is no longer with his gf. so he came over and got me and i went and hungout at his place he told lyle his roomate to shut the fuck up cuz that kid hates me for no reason i never did anything to him and now richard is agreing with me on the lyle part. i talked some things out with him but i didnt want it to become this big argumented night so i let things slide. he got a ferret. haha he named it bucky phillips. and bill from gios was over and the bucky bit rich right on the tongue it was pretty funny to see. but just seein him again made me feel alot better we hungout all night and talked he went to work at 11 so i went home. later i went up to pollywog with paulie and we ran into holley evans miller and kevin rae and then we saw vicki and my mom up there with a bunch of gray haired guys hmmm...anyways we got some wine and met some couples with this one lady telling us a hour long story talked our ears off then we bounced paul almost flipped his truck on the way back but we lived. i played some poker with the boyz over at jeremys and stevie moved in there so now theres all these rules and times. my sweetheart called me again said sorry for things and we both decided not to be strangers anymore. but were does that lead us...i guess for now nowhere but its better than it was. people arnt ever happy with what they have its always what they had. im tired of dwelling on it but i do miss him as much as he misses me....there was a time.

(2 Be Late Late For A Very Importent Date s |Chasing The White Rabbit)

Kill [06 Oct 2006|12:44pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

go kill jeremy

(Chasing The White Rabbit)

burbon night [06 Oct 2006|11:08am]
[ mood | drunk ]

been chillen at jeremys with marshall and james prince ababa haha he gets mad when we call him that so he calls me and marshall mexicans played guitar hero ziggystardust and some nights when jeremy passes out were like " jeremy KILL KILL jeremy get up and kill" haha stevie showed up with this 8 yr old burbon and he wouldnt touch that stuff said itll fuck us up i tried it i thought it was dank so the rest of it drank alot of it and on the front it showed a picture of a lady and said
a maid serving milk
all of us ended up puking all night like the exorcist it was craazy thats all i could think of when i was puking ' a maid serving milk and all the next morning i hear marshall singing
I WANNA BE SEDATED and kept tell me and jeremy to take a shot of that burbon. haha never again. and last night we watched van helsing then had a party matt holley came down and were goin up to pollywog on sunday for his last day here before he moves to ithaca. someone dared him to swallow a fish out of jeremys fish tank for 30 bucks so he was gonna get the goldfish and jeremys like nah my gf will kill me unless you replace it with one that looks just like it so we got a dif. one that was eating all the other fish. and all of went out on the porch and he swalled it almost came back up puked for awhile then he swallowed it completely and 2 minutes later he puked the whole thing back up in the bucket and puked again and then jeremy went out in the road and puked then eric puked it was like jackass. but matt won his 30 bucks and the fish was still alive.
m- funk and i stayed up and watched lords of dogtown i love that movie we got up early for their little business run and me and marshall and mikey went all over in rollerblades it was fun.

(Chasing The White Rabbit)

crusin around in my automobile [18 Sep 2006|11:04am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

got my permit finally so ive been drivin around. i like driving. drove out to the indian reservation in cuba and went to some garlic festival there for the day.

(Chasing The White Rabbit)

were off [29 Aug 2006|10:54am]
went out to canadaguia for a few days to help ashley move in to her apt. at brentwood and clear my head alittle bit met her roomate kristen and her friend nikki we went out to taco bell met this cool art kid jackomo we went and visited mikey b and his friend ended up getting lost somewhere. the next day we put posters up and stuff mike pelych came out and we all went to his friends house/apt by the courthouse there house was awesome we watched the brak show "check out my new shoes no ones gotz these shoes" haha " check out my cardboard house its gotz a my cardboard turkey in my cardboard boven''we drank for awhile chillen out on the belcony went home late sunday we chilled went to tim hortons got something to eat then me and mike left cuz ashley started school the next day. we went to east view and got a bunch of stuff in fye. and went to kyles in ra cha and jammed to G. love and the special sauce
come on G. love what do you got for us. havent seen kyle since school but he goes to mcc and we were there most of day planned the mustache party in october that theyre all growin mustaches for. got back home late but it was fun.

(Chasing The White Rabbit)

its been awhile [01 Jul 2006|02:41pm]
[ mood | restless ]

had a great senior year...and i finally graduated. alot of fun times at boces in auto body with Mr. D and prom and graduation ceremonies and my graduation party. dolly moved to oneida we werent getting along too well when she left but now we talk i wanna go down and visit her soon. mikey and amanda moved to North Carolina but they came back and moved in with mikeys grandma so they are right around the block now im glad. went to darien lake a few times with nick niccole and eric. eric got his head stuck in a microwave. sea breeze with paulie bill and bridget found a cool chillen spot by the lake. ambers grad party was crazy. had alot of fun times out in good old adrien. went canoing like the lost boys climbed the hugh hill the lake we brought autumn, petey, and emma nicks dog she kept up with the rest haha. richard and i got back together too. and i never felt happier. nicklee and vic and i went to pa and got bunches of fireworks had alot of fun on the 4th of july. one night we made a bunch of h jars nick went crazy with em richard got a new apartment and it was cool but we broke up. i guess some things just werent meant to be it sucks it had to end that way took forever to get my stuff back from him found out he got a ferret haha i miss him even though i shouldnt. i fell in love and now he's gone

(Chasing The White Rabbit)

ekoostikk hookah [06 Sep 2005|07:23pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

yeah we were plannin on that today but never happened. pojo james and us girls were all trying to go up to stoneybrook too but never happened either so we just watched tv at bjs then i met up with amber and aj and mikey and rudy and all them and walked around.it was nice out and the last day of summer oh man school tomorrow. haha cant wait

(Chasing The White Rabbit)

to the rescue [05 Sep 2005|07:12pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

dollys mom got back today and she knows everything that happened the past couple of weeks everyones name age profile where they live what they do what they say and all this crazy stuff happened so i met up with her at the library and shes afraid to tell me things cuz theres people that watch her and every move she makes. its so crazy. so me and megan went and rescued her then met up with jenn and mikey and went to chill at this jake kids house who makes the beats for H n' S. aj also got his guitar today and learned how to play old time rock N roll song its electric and red its awesome. we all went and got jt form bjs house and we had a party at carls. lisa didnt drink with us because she has school in the mornin so we all drank for awhile i beat marshall at mario kart again haha i always beat him at the last minute and hes like wtf! haha then me dolly and pat headed back over to bjs for the campout everyone was all wasted fallin over tyler helped us set up the tent it was a fun night we all played well tryed playin chinese checkers but it was lame so we went to sleep.

(Chasing The White Rabbit)

skeet skeet skeet!!! [05 Sep 2005|12:03am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

ive been partying lately last hoorahs of the summer aj broke tylars keychain when i was holdin on to it i feel bad but it wasnt my fault so. i rearraged my room today i put the couch in my room so now its chillen dolly and aj drank the beerz tonight we lived it up for our last paaaaaaarty before school. i dont know what else to say im really wasted. and im getting a job and a car and im still living at home so im happy about that. the end. im gonna go now have fun....as alex would say " enjoy life" biotchhhhhhhhhhhhhh skeet skeet skeeet !! ashley whevever you are i hope you read this ...we were suppose to go to pollywog hollA!!! and you went campin insteadddddddddd so when you get home call me and we will chill

IT"ll be another Qualo in tha mornin aint that right my friend
HEY TONY read me another bed time story

goodnight biotches
and dolly says fuck you

(3 Be Late Late For A Very Importent Date s |Chasing The White Rabbit)

hurricanes [31 Aug 2005|01:14pm]
[ mood | cold ]

i hate katrina

(Chasing The White Rabbit)

order in the court! [30 Aug 2005|01:03pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

i had court this morning for underage possession of alcohol i didnt even have it on me or consume any of it but i did pay for so i got charged and i was the last person called up judge damrath was actually in a good mood. i just said i was guilty so i wouldnt have to deal with any more bullshit. so i got a fifty dollar fine which i think is alot better than community service. i started on my room today and dolly rudy and mikey came over for pizza and wings and i guess aj had already been here he just walked right in and got on my computer and i didnt even know and everyones like wheres aj his bikes here? and he was sittin up here the whole time. we got downtown with the 3 beers from dollys garage party. and as soon as we got down there steve kelly was in a bunch of trouble for lighting firecrackers off in someones truck and it happened to be an army guys from the recruiting office so he called the cops and steve had been drinking beers in his bookbag and a piece and trys givin it to mikey so he brought mikey into this whole thing and then aj goes to get mikey and the cops are watching him so he emptied the beers in the alley and they saw him touching them so he was told them he just found them there. and they arrested steve and aj. and almost got james and mikey. mikey dissapeared though. we all sat at the bus stop because it was raining. tony came and got us when brittany washburn and her trio were starting things with megan. i dont get but i think ashley was right when she said " i think theres a skunk in your back pocket" anyways these rainy days really suck the only cool part is when me and dolly stomp in em and get everyone soaked haha.

(Chasing The White Rabbit)

"lord knows im weak wont somebody get me off of this reef" [26 Aug 2005|02:02am]
[ mood | happy ]

im dissapointed in myself
aj should kick my ass
i should kick my ass
i gave in on smoking tonight
i make stupid desicions when im drunk
it WONT happen again
but besides that it was a fun night
roach and all of us went on an adventure up by the almond dam
miller was so drunk it wasnt even funny i never in my life seen him turn down a drink and never seen him puke before ohh shit all over clarkes car. roach was talking about the mummy IMMOTEP.... immotep haha
and aj kept saying he was a ROCK STARRrr. haha
i love listenin to sublime when we all sing it together it puts me in such a good mood.
and summers not over yet.

(Chasing The White Rabbit)

'andrese is tha miss mouse' says carleena [24 Aug 2005|02:30am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

we all chilled at dollys the past couple of days her moms gone and shes got the house to herself and her house is like cribs, upstairs she got her own little wing, her own living room bathroom hallway stairs roof and hahahah shes got a sink in her room and all these hats its chillen. a bunch of us all watched the beach. and got into some goldslager and kaluha and the kaluha kicked my ass i was so twisted we were all jammin stephanie carleena rudy mikey aj me megan dolly and pat and i got all sick and we were up all night makin chicken noodle soup and dancin and laughin and this mornin we all hungout listened to altantis morrisette and i wrote this song in my book about a boy. its goes like this...

always on my mind always all the time
were different but the same
2 different people with different names
but what you do to me
you make me wanna learn
you make me wanna see
and as curious as i can be
you make me wanna know
you make me wanna grow
and you make me wanna be the best i can be
and thats just how i feel
you make me feel so real
youre always on my mind always all the time
always on my mind always all the time
and everything i say it just comes out the wrong way
so what else can i do but give it a day or two and let things bloom
youre always on my mind always all the time
always on my mind always all the time
give it rhythm give it rhyme
and just give it some time
could be yours could be mine
maybe not maybe so
we'll just let things flow but if it doesnt go
the way is wish it would
we'll never know what could
but we will still be friends and stick together til the end
youre always on my mind always all the time
always on my mind always all the time
always on my mind always all the time
all the time.

(Chasing The White Rabbit)

campout!!!! [23 Aug 2005|12:30am]
[ mood | determined ]

jt brought dolly megan and aj over for an overnight campout in my backyard. his car was smoking in the driveway all crazily and leaking out tons of green antifreeze all over the place. it took us awhile to get rid of it i didnt want my cat or dog coming near it and having it kill them. so we were getting the hose out and megan was squirtin everyone. it took us forever to pitch up the tent and mom and dad had to help. mikey mitchell ashley chris and aric showed up. we had a fire and dolly played her guitar she knows alot of songs... green day blink 182 and weezer. aj played his little lullaby song it sounds all spanish. mikey ashley and i had some delicious spaghetti and meatballs then everyone left for awhile and dolly and megan showed back up and we all chilled in the tent and james showed up and we watched euro trip and alice and this huge ass spider landed right on ajs head and its was so huge were all screaming running around the yard. james killed it in my book. and then we did shadow puppets and pigged out and hungout around the house all day playin soccor and me and aj had some reese puffs cereal for breakfast and the milk tasted funnny so i told him and then hes like ahhh smell this and it smelled so bad it made me sick to my stomach and i guess later i found out it was milk for my sisters baby and had formula and stuff in it and me and aj ate it ewwwwe.
tony arse took pat megan and dolly and i for a drive and let each one of us drive alittle bit. he kept yelling when i was driving past 30mph. it was fun though. then everyone went downtown we all tryed to get a 30 pk and the cops caught us at sugarcreek so me and ashley got into trouble so i got court again. the cops really suck. i didnt even consume any of the beers and im in trouble trouble. so many problems lately. and after what happened on by birthday ahhh im goin through some sort of anxiety attack or something i just need a few days of peace and quiet no drama no stressing out about all these problems. and change alot about myself cuz i relize how precious life is now and its not worth it to be doin some of the things i used to do. its really not. drugs are bad. i used to not think so but i see things so differently now i could be doin so many things living a whole different life and thats what i want. a positive one. a good one.

(2 Be Late Late For A Very Importent Date s |Chasing The White Rabbit)

"its my party and ill cry if i want to ..you would cry too if it happened to you" [21 Aug 2005|11:45am]
[ mood | scared ]

the other day was my b-day and everyone over at bjs were singin songs and laughin and my dad took me out to lunch and meghan and dolly and i rode the hatbus to the bath fair. we got some cool rings and sunglasses and then me and megan went on a bunch of rides and we got dolly to go on the gravitron and the ring of fire. and the 3 of us are all telling this little kid he better not puke on us and then in the end the 3 of us ended up getting real sick so we decided to leave. on the way home we ran into james and paul and brought them over for the pizza party and aj came over. haha and angela had the spongebob and patrick pictures from kylies bday party when me and aj dressed up hahahah. then after that we headed over to rustys when we all smoked a bowl and the weed had been laced i knew it tasted funny in my throat and besides that it looked real funny then i started freakin out and then i was feelin just like a thermometer in there ready to explode if i didnt get out of the house and when me and dolly went outside we were acting all crazy and then i got really scared all of a sudden i couldnt breath at all and i felt like i was gonna die and then we found out it had been laced with crack and herion. and the 3 of us followed aj around like we were 3 little ducks and he was mother goose. it was over after and hour or so. but i did feel empty and dead and all the people around me were there talking but it was like i wasnt really there i felt like a ghost. it sucked that something like that had to happen to me on my birthday but as aj said it probably was the best present i could have been given ...its not really but if you think about it now i see things alot differently now i see how precious my life is and now i dont smoke weed anymore i relize i could have been dead all from smokin up with some of my friends. anyways we still threw a party at bjs and everyone sang happy bday and mikey showed up and got me some crayons for my sketchbook that ash got me , james got me some michelob light not to mention the bass guitar my parents got me and the awesome 50 cent concert they paid for me and rob and mikey and dan to go see which was a great time. ludicris lil jon & the east side boys were there mobb deep mase snoop mike jones lil scrappy ciara olivia G-unit. and last night we all sang bob marley songs and in the end even though that crazy thing happened i still had a fun day.

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